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Unfortunately, my provider will stop supporting this type of site from 04/2023. I can then no longer make any additions or changes. I'm not sure if I'll create this page again.

Record collecting... or collecting in general...

....it's a mess......it is fun...whatever...what else?

...why do YOU collect?...

...is it for the music...or what?

 - it is for the music. Anything else is a waste of money...

 - it is for the love of the game....you will never reach the end, be confident with what you've got....

 - but never get bored and be attentive...there is always more...


OK, some fields of joyful record collecting....again my own taste. And something I never get bored of, even after listening to the music for quite a lot of time....

....so scroll down for

- Western film music
- Original live festival recordings
- Sampler or "Various Artists" LPs
- Some kind of eccentric vinyl


Western Film Music (only the good ones, not the bad or ugly ones.....  ;-)
...all first versions/pressings...(otherwise noted)

Per Qualche Dollaro In Piu' - RCA Italiana PML 10414 B-side: Per Un Pugno Di Dollari - Very first edition with both outstanding soundtracks -1965

A Fistful Of Dollars -UK RCA Victor RD 7875

Music For The Man With No Name - UK RCA Victor SF-7994...same one, second press:

Il Buono Il Brutto Il Cattivo - Italian Original from 1966 by  Eureka Parade EPL 2890(S)

The Good, The Bad And The Ugly - UK United Artists SULP 1197 (stereo)

The Good, The Bad And The Ugly - UK United Artists ULP 1197 (mono)

The Good, The Bad And The Ugly - German United Artists UAS 69 157 I

(again) Music For The Man With No Name - German RCA Victor LSP 3927

Hang 'Em High - UK United Artists ULP 1204 (mono)

Hang 'Em High - German RCA Victor LSP 4022 (along with other film music highlights)

Two Mules For Sister Sara - UK MCA MKPS 2013 (the s.c. "Dog Bone" design)......a different (maybe called "Swirl") great label design of the very same UK LP......last but not least the blue and black "Diamond" design from the UK...to my knowledge all three versions were pressed in 1970 with stamped numbers in the run-out groove: KRS-5512.A-1W on side 1 and KRS-5512.B-1W on side 2. Why three versions?? I do not know, I think the design changed from "Swirl" to "Dog Bone" to "Diamond". Maybe MCA did it, because it is one of the greatest soundtracks of all time...my personal favourite......finally a cool Italian version from 1971 MAPS 3264

The Mercenary - German United Artists UAS 29 005 I

C'era Una Volta Il West - Italian RCA OLS 3 (first press with only Italian titel on cover)

C'era Una Volta Il West - Italian RCA OLS 3 (second press with Italian, French and German film titel on cover)

Il Était Une Fois Dans L'Ouest - French RCA 440.751 (OLS 3). Some sources say, that this is the first issue of the original soundtrack. Maybe because it shows the year 1969. I believe, the Italian version came out first....

Django - Italian Intermezzo IMGM 002 (Yes, the LP with the English lyrics)

Django's Rückkehr - Colosseum CST 8030. Franco Nero's second appearance as the silent hero.

Django Spara Per Primo - Italian Intermezzo IM 012

Keoma - Chris' Soundtrack Corner CSC 030Certainly one of the most unusual Western-Soundtracks.

More common were 7" releases at that time. I am always trying to find the originals, or first pressings, if possible...

Per Un Pugno Di Dollari - RCA Italiana PM45 - 3285 (1964)

Per Qualche Dollaro In Piu' - RCA Italiana PM45 - 3342 (1965)

Il Buono, Il Brutto, Il Cattivo - Italian Parade 45EPC 1800 (1966)

Für eine Handvoll Dollar - German RCA Victor 47-9615 (1965)

Für ein paar Dollar mehr - German RCA Victor 47-9700 (1966)

Zwei glorreiche Halunken - German RCA Victor 47-9423 (1967)

Por Un Punado De Dolares - Spanish RCA Victor 3-10148 (1965)

La Muerte Tenia Un Precio - Spanish RCA Victor 3-20997 (1966)

El Bueno, El Feo Y El Malo - Spanish UA HU 067-141 (1967)

Per Un Pugno Di Dollari - Japan Victor SS-1514 (1964)

Per Qualche Dollaro In Piu'- Japan Victor SS-1696 (1966)

The Good, The Bad And The Ugly - Japan Victor SS-1817 (1967)

Et Pour Quelques Dollars De Plus - French RCA 49.503 (first laminated above from 1966, slightly later, non laminated and lightly darker blue label underneath from 1968)......all above shown singles by great Ennio Morricone

El Bueno, El Malo Y El Feo - Mexican EP (1970) - UA XUA-005

Hang 'Em High - Australian EP RCA 20478 (1968)by Hugo Montenegro. They included the "Dollar Trilogy" as well.

Hang 'em High - Pendez-Les Haut Et Court - French RCA Victor HIT-Pardade 49.557 (1968)by Dominic Frontiere

Pendez Les Haut Et Court - French Liberty lif 525F (other version, by other artist, 1968)

Hang 'em High - German RCA Victor 47-9554 (1968)

Sierra Torride - Two Mules For Sister Sara - French MCA MC/S 3710 (1970)...guess by whom? naturally by Ennio Morricone ... as well as "C'Era Una Volta Il West"...French & German 7"

More Italian Western Music Gems:

4 Dollari Di Vendetta - Italian Campi CE. 10-016  &  Adios Gringo - Italian CAM CDR. 45-19 (both 1966)
...both by Benedetto Ghiglia

Il Magnifico Straniero - Italian CAM AMP 7 (1966)...by Dimitri Tiomkin. Song is better know as "Rawhide". The Film itself is based on two episodes from the series.

El Desperado - Italian CAM AMP 29 (1967)...by John Balfour from the film "Desperado"

Era Un Cow-Boy / Found A Place To Die - Italian CAM AMP 45 (1968)...by Gianni Ferrio, Jula De Palma from the film "Joe! Cercati Un Posto Per Morire"

Starccio - Italian CAM AMP 100 (1972)...by Sante Maria Romitelli form the film "Sotto A Chi Tocca!" - not really a western, but in the same vein.

Mi Chiamavano Requiescat...Ma Avevano Sbagliato - Italian CAM AMP 115 (1973)...by Gianni Ferrio, Ann Collin

All' Ombra Di Una Colt - RCA Italiana PM45 3340 (1965)...by Nico Fidenco

Da Uomo A Uomo - RCA Italiana PM 45 3423 (1967)...by Ennio Morricone and singer Raoul

May Be One, May Be Nine - RCA Italia PM 3469 (1969)...by Fred Bongusto from the film "Uno Dopo LÀltro"

Sabàta - German UA 35 110Ehi Amigo, C'e Sabata - Japan HIT 1802
Ehi Amico...C'E' Sabata. Hai Chiuso! - Italian UA 3169 (first time 1969, the two above from 1970)...by Marcello Giombini

Il Mercenario - Italian UA 3153 (1968)...by Ennio Morricone

Run, Man Run from the film "La Resa Dei Conti" - Italian Eureka Parade EPC 1801 (1967)...again by Ennio Morricone and singer Christy

Navajo Joe - Italian Parade PRC 5015 (very sought after...and again by Ennio Morricone, 1966)

Pochi Dollari Per Django - Italian Parade PRC 5006 (1967) and Sugar Colt - Italian Parade PRC 5007 (1966)...by Don Powell and Luis Enrique Bacalov

Vicino Al Fiume / Loredo - Italian Parade PRC 5027 (1966)...again by Don Powell. Two songs from the film "3 Pistole Contro Cesare"

Stranger - Italian King Universal AFK/O 55003...by Francesco De Masi and singer Raoul from the film "Vado.... L'Ammazzo E Torno"

Clayton - Italian VIS Radio VLMQN 056434 (1968)...by Lida Lu' fom the film "Lo Voglio Morto", Italian and English version on one 7"

L' Ultima Partita - Italian Tiffany Records TIF 538 and The Last Game - Italian Tiffany Records TIF 543 (1967)...by Nevil Cameron. Two 7" from the film "Sentenza Di Morte", one in Italian and one in English

Just A Coward - Italian Cinevox SC 1060 (1968)...by Mary Usuah from the film "Ed ora... raccomanda l'anima a Dio!"

Quanta Costa Morire - Italian Cinevox SC 1059 (1968)...by Raoul from the film "Quanta Costa Morire"

The Price Of Gold - DET DTP 11 (1967)
...by Roberto Matano from the film "Dio non paga il sabato"

Ballada Per Un Pistolero - DET DTP 12 (1967)...by Peppino Gagliardi

A Man ... A Story - Italian Fonit SPF 31174 (1965)...by Fred Bongusto from the film "Un dollaro bucato"

Back Home Someday (A Man Alone) - Italian Cetra SP 1314 (1966)...by Sergio Endrigo from the film "Le colt cantarono la morte e fu... tempo di massacro" ...
...and the Japanese version on Seven Seas HIT-1396 (from 1966 as well):

Indio Black- Japan United Artists Record HIT 1947 (1971)...by Bruno Nicolai

Arizona Colt - Japan Victor SS-1738 (1966)...by Raoul

Il Ritorno Di Ringo - Japan Victor SS-1742 (1966)...by Ennio Morricone from the film "The Return Of Ringo"

For The Taste Of Killing - Japan Seven Seas HIT-1412 (1966)...by Nico Fidenco fom the film "Per il gusto di uccidere"

Un Dollaro Fra I Denti - Japan Seven Seas HIT-1446 (1967) as rare promo copy in mono...by Benedetto Ghiglia

Ringo Came To Fight / Nevada Smith - Japan Seven Seas HIT-1453 (1967)...by Bobby Solo from the films "100,000 Dollar Per Ringo" & "Nevada Smith"

Django - Japan Seven Seas HIT - 1376 (two versions with orange and red written titel, 1966)

Django - Italian Parade PRC 5001 (1966)

Django - Spanish Cem Parade cem 2601 (1968)

Django - German Vogue DV 14626 (1967)

...another one from Brazil on Som Maior SMCS-131 (on 33 rpm from 1967 as well)All "Django" singles were composed by Luis Enriquez. Conducted by Bruno Nicolai. They are sung in Italian (though there are some slightly different versions or mixes on the shown singles) by Berto Fia. Rocky Roberts recorded the song in English. But I still can't find a single of that song from that time sung in English.....anyone?...... well, one source says, the song was recorded in two versions, one sung in Italian (by Roberto Fia) and the other in English (by Rocky Roberts), but only the first was released as a 7" at that time, while the second, along with several other tracks, was revived for the first time only in 1985 on the LP shown above...

...nevertheless....the Italian versions are great!

Another early version from Italy was from a band called I Supremi - Italian Jaguar Records 45 JG 70058 (1967)...it is also sung in Italian. B-Side contains 'A Man...A Story' by the I Bond's Men.


Dio Perdona...io No! - Italian CAM AMP 31 (1968)...by Carlo Rustichelli, Orchestra diretta da Bruno Nicolai. Early film performance by Terence Hill...a classic...

Trinita' - Portoguese RCA Victor 20 052 (mono) and Mozambique RCA GLS 4200 N 20052 (1972)...Trinita'... - Angolan RCA Victor 30027 (mono, 1972)......and Italian original Lo Chiamavano Trinita' - Pull ZL-50098 (first time 1971)by Franco Micalizzi

...Continuavano A Chiamarlo Trinitá - original Italian RCA OC 20 (1971)...by Gene Roman. (Misprint on the label: Trinity Stand Stall.. :-)

Continuo A Chamar-me Trinita - Mozambique RCA Victor RCA 42.435 (1973)...canta Gene Roman

...Continuavano A Chiamarlo Trinitá - Portoguese RCA Victor TP-674 (mono EP, 1973)...by Guido and Maurizio De Angelis...

....and as Angolan version on RCA 50 019 - Continuavano A Chiamarlo Trinità (mono EP, 1973)

Il Mio Nome E'Nessuno - original Italian General Music - ZGE 50469 (1973)...again by Ennio Morricone



...some Various Artists Compilations of that genre are collectable as well as affordable. If you like the film music shown above, you will be served very well with these. Many Japanese pressings from back then, 'cause they were really into it at that time and the compilations are simply among the best  i.m.o. .... though not all content is from the original film scores, see my comments....  and some were re-released from time to time...

The Good, The Bad And The Ugly - Japan United Artists LSS-670 UA (1967)...original recordings

Macaroni Western Themes - Japan United Artists LSS-676 UA (1968)(One song, "The Good, The Bad And The Ugly" is original, the other recordings are by other contemporary US orchestras and well done. Both UA EPs of the "Stereo Seven" series are running at 33 1/3 rpm)

Macaroni Western Themes Part 1 and 2 - Japan Seven Seas PS-15 and Seven Seas PS-16 (1967)(Great and early all original recordings compilation EPs with text & picture inner. Running at 33 1/3 rpm)

Django Western Themes Best 4 - Japan Seven Seas OH-22 (1972)...kind of "best of" from the above shown original "Macaroni Western Themes Part 1 and 2" (33 1/3 rpm).

Best 4 Vol.4 - Django / A Man A Story - Japan Seven Seas PP-106 (1966)...by Roberto Fia, Fred Bongusto & Bruno Nicolai. Early EP with two tracks from the two films. The previous volumes of this series contain film music from other genres.

Sounds From Western Movies (Golden Album Vol.2) - Japan Seven Seas SR-12...extremly good & early (1967) compilation of s.c. Macaroni Western Film Music. Many songs. All originals, I suppose. Wonder, if there was a "Sounds From Western Movies" Golden Album Vol. 1 as well? Or was it a "Golden Album Vol. 1" of another genre? Haven't found anything so far...

The Best Of Bloody Western Themes Double Deluxe - 2LP Japan Seven Seas - GW-167-8 (1973)...deluxe double cover with song texts and all original recordings....except: "Per Un Pugno Di Dollari" and "Per Qualche Dollaro In Piu". Rather embarrasing versions, but these are only two recordings on the 2LP set. Seven Seas seem to have had contracts with some important Italian labels flike CAM, Parade, Fonit, Fonit-Cetra, Ricordi, but not with RCA, they were competition.

The West La Musica Western Nel Cinema - Italia DET Recording MDG 2005 (1968)
...(very sought after contemporary compilation of more or less known original Italo Western film music)......was available as "Disco Promozionale Invendibile" (Promo Copy) as well.

Nico Fidenco - Italian CAM MAG 10.016 (1968)
Colonne Sonore del Film: Lo Voglio Morto - Uno Di Piu' All' Inferno - All' Ultimo Sangue...again a rare "Disco Promozionale Invendibile", all original recordings of these three films.

Carlo Savina, Gianni Ferrio - Italian CAM MAG 10.018 (1969)
from the two movies "Joko Invoca Dio ...E Muori" and "Joe! Cercati Un Posto Per Morire"...as "Disco Promozionale Invendibile" and as regular LP (with the backside of the cover):

There are only a few Italian LPs from the period with this kind of film music. If you're more song oriented, like me, you'll get along better with singles or samplers. Most of the time, the theme of the title song repeats itself musically over and over again. It can be nice, but it doesn't have to be, and then it tends to get boring. On top of that, they are expensive because they are rather rare. Everyone has to decide for themselves what they like...
I think the last two LPs shown are quite ok...if the sellers didn't exaggerate here too, as far as the condition is concerned. Like with the before mentioned Beatles LPs this is beyond annoying!

The Morricone LPs shown here at the beginning are musically beyond any doubt anyway.. :-) ... speaking of:

Dollar Hits - German United Artists UAS 29 002 I (1969)(great old compilation from Germany, all original recordings from very well known Italo Western films)

Themes From Western Movies De Luxe - Japan Columbia JDX-63 (1972)(from the "Film Sound Orchestra" with small original sound&speech parts from the movies, very interesting and worth hearing, but no original recordings)...kind of a continuation:
The Gunman From The West - Japan Columbia JDX-88 (1973)

Western Movie Theme Best 4 - Japan Philips SFL-3163 (1967), by Maurice Leclerc And His Orchestra......unfortunately not the original recordings, but a good looking EP (running at 33 1/3 rpm).

New Screen Theme Best 4 - Japan Victor SCP-1253 (1966)...all the Victor EPs running at 33 1/3 rpm as well. The series is called "Victor Compact Double 33". Mainly original recordings on the Victor Series and the later RCA compilations, but the version of "Django" is probably the worst interpretation ever recorded. They didn't have the rights to the original, but they absolutely had to try it...really? ...and then three or four times...??? ...otherwise this is a great and collectible series.

For A Few Dollars More - Japan Victor SCP-1279 (1966)

Italian Western Best Hits 4 (Part 1 and 2) - Japan Victor SCP-1317 and SCP-1335 (1966 & 1967)

The Best Four Themes From Italian Western - Japan Victor SCP-1352 (1968)

Golden Themes From Western Movies - Japan Victor SCP-1337 (1968)

The Good, The Bad And The Ugly - Japan Victor SCP-1359 (1968)...performed by Hugo Montenegro, his orchstra and chorus, great one...

Golden Themes From Italian Western Movies Vol.1 - Japan RCA 5133 (1974)Golden Themes From Italian Western Movies Vol. 2 - Japan RCA 5134 (1974)

Macaroni Western Themes - Japan RCA SX-73 (1974)(part of a movie film collection series with booklet attached)


Regarding the Various Artists compilations there is actually a lot more variety here on CD. Most original soundtrack LPs are really difficult to find, not contemporary and often not quite interesting (apart from the ones shown above ;-) ...so here are some of the best CD compilations:

Spaghetti Western Encyclopedia Vol1 - 4 (1994, Japan, as rare promo's)...promo sticker on the OBIs instead of the barcode

Spaghetti Westerns Vol 1 and Vol 2 (1995, USA, 2CD each)Spaghetti Westerns Vol 3 (1995, USA, 1 CD) and Vol 4 (2000, USA, 2CD)

C'era Una Volta Il Western (2006, Italia, Cinevox Record)

The Ecstasy Of Gold, Vol 1 - 5 (USA 2013-2014)...only the first part was released as CD and as LP, the rest only as LPs. Unfortunately I' haven't got any physical copy here. But I have heared them all through. Picture is sourced from the I-net for your interest only...
(Will be deleted, if I am asked to do so)

I you have all of these V.A. shown above, you have easily 98% of all the interesting stuff.



Original LIVE Festival Recordings (no bootlegs here...)

Folk Festival At Newport - US Vanguard VRS-9062 - Probably the first recordings of a national/international festival of popular music. Took place and were released in 1959

Folk Festival At Newport  - US Vanguard VRS-9063

Folk Festival At Newport - US Vanguard VRS-9064

Newport Folk Festival 1959 Vol. 1 - UK Fontana TFL.6000 (scarce UK versions of above shown LPs, p.1960)

Newport Folk Festival 1959 Vol. 2 - UK Fontana TFL.6004 (UK p.1960)

Newport Folk Festival 1959 Vol. 3 - UK Fontana TFL.6009 (UK p.1960)

Folk Festival At Newport I (1959) - Amadeo AVRS 9128 (Austria p.1963)

American Folk Blues 1961 - TWEN Philips B 681 555 L (Germany 1961)

American Folk Blues Festival 1962 - Brunswick 009012 (Germany 1962)

American Folkblues Festival 1963 - Fontana 681 510 ZL (Germany 1963)and UK version  American Folk Blues Festival 1963 - Fontana TL.5204

Newport Broadside 1963 - Amadeo AVRS 9162 (Austria 1963)

Blues At Newport 1963 - Amadeo AVRS 9177 (Austria 1963)

American Folk Blues Festival 1964 - Fontana 885 411 TY (Germany 1964)and UK version American Folk Blues Festival 1964 - Fontana TL.5225

American  Folk Blues Festival 1965 - Fontana TL.5286 (UK 1965)

American Folk Blues Festival 1966 - Fontana STL.5389 (UK 1966)

Love And Peace - Somerset 732/733 (1970) - 2LP

Pop & Blues Festival '70 - MCA MAPS 3062 (1970, companion to the "Love And Peace" LP) -2LP

Woodstock - Twen Cotillion SD 3-500 (Germany 1970) -3LP

Woodstock Two - Cotillion 840 004 U (France 1970 - p.1971) -2LP

Isle Of Wight - Atlanta Pop Festival - CBS S 66 311 (NL 1970 - p.1971) -3LP

Festen Pa Gärdet - Silence SRS 4603 - 2 LP, different colors. Kind of Swedish "Woodstock" from 1971. Nice looking, musically lame

Gathering At The Depot - Beta S80-47-1414S (US 1971 - Live mix of bands who've  performed at the Depot)

Mar Y Sol - First International Puerto Rico Pop Festival - AtcoSD 2-705 (US 1972) -2LP

A Musical Anthology for Glastonbury Fayre - Revelation REV 1A - 3F (UK 1972) -3LP ......exclusive packing...

Fillmore The Last Days - Fillmore ZSX 31390 - 3LP + one 7" + Poster + Ticket...a nice packing as well...

Sunbury - HMV SOXLP-7561 (Australia 1972) -2LP

Sunbury '73 - Mushroom SMX41785 MRL-1/2/3 (Australia 1973) -3LP

(Sunbury) Summer Jam - Mushroom SMX43015 L-25,073 (Australia 1973)

Highlights Of Sunbury, '74 Part One - Mushroom SMX44093 L-25,122 (Australia 1974)

Highlights Of Sunbury, '74 Part Two - Mushroom SMX44095 L-25,123 (Australia 1974)

Brain-Festival Essen - Brain 80.013 (Germany 1977) -2LP

Open Air Concert Vlotho 1975 - Faruk Music A-2544 (MOL 0001)

Umsonst & Draussen 1976 - Vlotho LP MOL 0002

Umsonst & Draussen 1977 - Vlotho 2LP MOL 0003/0004

Umsonst & Draussen 1978 - Vlotho 2LP MOL 0005/0006

...all four recordings from the 70ies "Umsonst & Draussen" Festival...

Nürnberger Bardentreffen 78 - Brutkasten 850005

Nürnberger Bardentreffen 79 - Brutkasten 85 B 015 (4. Bardentreffen)


Another opportunity to listen to a lot of different artists on one LP is of course the

SAMPLER or Various Artists LP.

You have a lot of advantages having an eye and all ears on these LPs:

They are varied, you can discover unknown artists, vou get an idea of how  the record label is oriented, you may get an original track from an artist who is difficult to find, or from a LP expensive enough, one could not afford. Sometimes there is an oportunity to get a rare mono recording as well.

So these LPs are often affordable, some are having a nice and exclusive packing (i.e. multi-fouldout covers), and sometimes another bonus, like a sticker, a booklet, a poster or print. Some nice looking and some are very rare examples (i.m.o.):

There Is Some Fun Going Forward...

Super Blues World

Dimension Of Miracles

The Rock Machine Turns You On


Underground '70

Pop Revolution Underground

Fill You Head With Rock


Begin Here


What's Shakin'

New Magic In A Dusty World

Love And Peace Festival

Underground Communication

Rock-News Vol.2 März 72 ......with a great 4 page info sheet about collectable German pressings ...(on Neon, London, Deram, Decca, etc.)

Pop Eye


Dead On Arrival

All Good Clean Fun

Hallucinations Psychedelic Underground

The Vertigo Trip

Gettin' Higher
...biggest one so far...  Poster and cover design by J.H. Loeffler (J.H. Löffler), who was responsible for the design of some of the finest LP covers and posters from that time (i.e. the first multi foldout cover from KARTHAGO, one of the best covers ever made i.m.h.o.) ...


New Age Of Atlantic

Blues News

The Blues

How Blue Can We Get?

A Psychedelic Trip To The Underground

London Pop News

I am still searching for this item (source: i-net, shown only for information,
will be removed if I am asked to do so
CBS Promo Poster? Could be given away with
The Rockmachine Turns You On - CBS SPR 22 / PR22 (but only half of the named bands are included on the LP, and the LP has a promo sheet already - see above).

If you are willing to sell one, please contact webmaster@mi-me.de


Here women were also staged as the companies did not always dare on their artist's LPs, somtimes with kind of an "artistic"  touch... "For Collectors Only..." and "Love Is Blue"

Pink Elephant

The historical background was to give people a chance to buy more than one act on a 45 for a reasonable price and to push the whole artists catalouge. You could easily have about an hour of joyful listening, well, OK, it depends.....

Of course in the late 1960's the companies were all going bananas about the progesssive and psychedelic hype, so every mixture was possible, even on colored or multicolored vinyl.

So let's have a look at some companies output. Again, it's my taste of music, that influenced the choice:

Rock, Beat, Blues(rock), Progessive-/Psychedelic(rock) and so on.....some Soundtracks with Various Artists included...so scroll to your favourite label and see what they have published, or what I could miss...



Heads In - AMLB 1016

Come Together - AMLB 51028



Candy - ABCS-OC-9



Pop Progress '71 - 85 162 XT (2 LP)

POP EYE - 86 265 XT (2 LP)

POP EYE 2 - 86 563 XT (2 LP)



Atco Blockbusters - UK Atco 228021

The Super Groups - ATCO-SD 33-279



Age of Atlantic - 2464 013

The New Age Of Atlantic - ATL 20 028

German Super Rock - ATL 20 058











Pop In - BLS 5506 (2 LP)

Bacillus Selection German Rock Scene - BLS 5512 (2 LP)

Mama Rock And The Sons Of Rock'N' Roll - German Rock Scene Part II - BLS 5526 (2 LP)






Kraut-Rock - brain 3/1046 (3 LP)

History Of German Rock - brain 2/1091 (2 LP)

German Super Rock - brain 201035

German Rock Scene - brain 888

German Rock Scene II - GO 444

German Rock Scene Vol. III - Govi 445

German Rock Scene Vol. IV - Govi 446

German Rock Scene Vol. V - brain 0900.162

German Rock Scene Vol. VI - Govi 28 133

GOVI Presents: Rock Superstars At Their Best - LSP 13050

GOVI Presents: Super Rock AG - 0900.002-3 (3 LP) (same as Kraut-Rock - brain 3/1046)

Gettin' Higher - MBLP 2/40.004 (2 LP)



New Orleans - Dixieland - Chicago - LPBM 87 003

Bad Luck Blues - LPBM 87 504



Buddah In MInd - UK Buddah Records 2349008



The Stars Of Sunbury - SR66-9970



The New Spirit Of Capitol - SNP 6

Devils Angels - T-6219



Today's Sounds

Psychedelic - PR 11

The Rock Machine Turns You On - SPR 22 (French stereo)

The Rock Machine Turns You On - PR22 (mono)

Rock Machine - I Love You - PR 26 (mono)

Super Stars Super Hits - DS 348 u DS 400 (2 LP in one cover)

The Blues - SPR 34 u SPR 31 (2 single LP compiled as one 2 LP)

Fill Your Head With Rock - SPR 39/40

Action Sampler - SPR 41

Rock Buster - SPR 48/49and alternativ coloring:

Together - SPR 52 (UK)

Together - SPR 53 (F) - almost the same as SPR 52, comes with nice booklet (see above)

Underground '70 - SPR 35

That's Underground - SPR 23

Pop Revolution From The Underground - SPR 30

I Camaleonti Presentano Il Vero Underground - S 64061 (IT, great and wild multicoloured vinyl)

Super Duper Blues - SPR 31 (NL)

Super Duper Blues - SPR 31 (UK) - often sold as mono PR 31, but that counts only for the cover...or?

In Our Own Way - SPR 37 (aka: Oldies But Goodies)

How Blue Can We Get? Volume I: White - PR 45 (2 single LP compiled as one 2 LP)How Blue Can We Get? Volume II: Black - PR 46

Blues Jam At Chess, Chicago Volume I - S 7-63219 (2 single LP compiled as one 2 LP)Volume II - S 7-63220

New Underground - CBS 25 469



On The Scene - 33SX 1662

Scene '65 - 33SX 1730

"GO" Volume 1 - SX 6062

"IN"TERNATIONAL HITS - Rhythm And Blues - SMC 74 420



There Is Some Fun Going Forward - 2485-021

Dandelion - DS 7001 (4 Track EP)



Has It Dawned On You - DNSM 5001

The DAWN Take-Away Concert - DNLB 3024



Saturday Club - LK.4583

Thank Your Lucky Stars - LK.4554

Ready, Steady - Win! - LK.4634

At The Cavern - BLK 16 294-P (Germany) (UK LK.4597)

Ready, Steady, Go! - LK.4577

Brum Beat - LK.4598

Just For You - LK.4620

Bumper Bundle 16 Hits - LK.4734

Blues Southside Chicago - LK.4748

R&B - LK.4616

Blues Now - LK.4681

Folk Now - LK 4683

14 Great Artists - BLK 16 353-P (Germany) (UK LK.4695)

Conversation With The Blues - LK.4664 (Germany, UK)

Gonks Go Beat - BLK 16 413-P (Germany) (UK LK.4673)

Original Liverpool Sound - BD 5526-L (10 inch/25 cm Platte)

Goin' Up The Country - LK.4931

NOVA Sampler - S 16 666-P

World Of Rock - S 16 696-P

Pop Sounds From Holland - mfa ND 595

A Whiter Shade Of Pale - mfa ND 178

Wowie Zowie! - mfa ND 449

Underground Communication - PD 12 026

Blues & Rock - DCS 15020 (Spain, 2 LP)

Rythm & Blues - DS 3103 (2 LP, consisting the above "R&B" and "Blues Now")

Super-Blues-World - DS 3115 (2 LP)

Wowie Zowie ! - SPA.34

The World Of Hard Rock - SPA-R.148 (aka: Hard Rock Circus)

The World Of Blues Power Vol 1 - SPA 14the same LP from Germany with slightly different tracks: S 16 610-P

The World Of Blues Power, Vol. II - S 16 634-P

Hard Up Heroes - DPA 3009 (2 LP)

Golden Pops - SML 1027

Rock-A-Nova - Nova 6.22005

Nova News - Decca/Nova 66.21083 (Trade Sample)

Nova-News - Decca/Nova 66.21200 (Trade Sample)

Rock News Vol. 2 - TST 77 309 (Trade Sample)
High collectable for offering the song "The Running Man" from the group of  the very same name...



Musikkunde In Beispielen Teil 1 - 2536 015

Musikkunde In Beispielen Teil 2 - 2536 016



Folksong '65 - S-8

What's Shakin' - EKS-74002

Good Time Music - EUKS 7260 (UK, same as US "What's Shakin' " above)  ......sounds great in mono as well EUK 260

Nuggets - 7E-2006 (2 LP)

Fantastic Folk - EUK 259

Select Elektra - EUK 261

Begin Here - EUKS 7262...sounds great in mono as well EUK 262

Psychedelic/Underground - 6357 (Deutsche Buch-Schallplatten-Gemeinschaft)

Psychedelic/Underground - H 876/5 (Deutscher Schallplatten-Club)

Elektrifying - NL Elektra ELS 890

Elekteriffic - NL Elektra HJE 155 S

Elektrifying - SR International 20.136 (a mixture of the above NL sampler for the Elektra label, both A-sides)

OFF - SMLP 009

OFF II Hallucinations - ST-KMLP 310-Asame one, different style and equipment and first modern picture LP (from 1969):

New Magic In A Dusty World - K 22002

Garden Of Delights - 62003 (2 LP)


An Evening At Home With ESP - ESP-Disk 1081



Love Is Blue - E 307

Music For Wild Angels - E 350

Supreme Psychedelic Underground - E 356

Easy Rider - Born On The Road - E 443



Tasty - Tasty.1



Harvest Sweeties - 1C 048-29 772

The Harvest Bag - SHSS 3

Harvest Specials - 1C 048-04 226

Picnic - 1C 178- 04 424 (2 LP)

Der Führer - 1 C 188-32 508 (kind of VA Rock Opera. Many Artists involved)



Australian Rock 71-72 - BST.001



Immediate Lets You In - SMIM 1033

Immediate Lets You In Vol. II - 1 C 048-90 957

Best Of The British Blues Anthology Vol. I - 1 C 048-90 675 M - This is the very same LP as from the high acclaimed UK LP series Blues Anytime Vol. I IMLP 014 in great mono sound from 1969, all on thick and heavy vinyl

Best Of The British Blues Anthology Vol. II - 1 C 048-90 676 M - Same LP as UK's Blues Anytime Vol. II IMLP 015 in great mono sound from 1969

Best Of The British Blues Anthology Vol. III - 1 C 048-90 677 M - Again the very same mono LP as the UK Blues Anytime Vol. III IMLP 019

Best Of The British Blues Anthology Vol. IV - 1 C 048-90 769 M - same mono LP as the last of the famous UK series of blues sampler: Blues Leftovers IMLP 024 from prob.1970

Happy To Be A Part Of The Industry Of Human Happiness - IMLYIN 2

An Anthology Of British Blues - Z12 52006

Early Blues - HZEL 82

The Best Of The Nice, The Small Faces, Humble Pie, Eric Clapton and John Mayall - 1 C 148-92 661 (2 LP)






International Artists - 13



Invictus Greatest Hits - ST 9807



This Is Sue! - IWP-3

This Is Blues - IWP-5

British Blue Eyed Soul - ILP-966 (mono)

British Blue Eyed Soul - ILPS-9066 (stereo)that really great record did get a release in Germany not on ISLAND but on FONTANA: 885 440 TY

You Can All Join In - IWP-2

You Can All Join In - IWP-2 (rare sec. UK press, so called "Black Block Label", only Sept to Dec 1969)

The Best Of Island - (NL) 88 418 DY (other title, slightly other cover, same as "You Can All Join In")

The Island Scene - (NL) 6830 002

British Blues Adventures Vol. I - French ILPS 9094

British Blues Adventures Vol. II - French ILPS 9109

Nice Enough To Eat - IWPS-6

Nice Enough To Eat - 88 519 DY (Germany) (same as UK IWPS-6)

London Pop News - 88 514 UFY (Germany version)

Bumpers - IDP-1 (2 LP)
..first pressing in 1970 on the rough Pink i labels......second pressing the very same year on the Pink Rim label...it is said that the two version differ in the mixes of several songs. One of the most discussed sampler on the internet. You'll may find most informations here:
...and about the differences here:
https://web.archive.org/web/20120425042155/http://www.flowerbedmusic.com/Articles/samplers_bumpers.htmGerman version: 6499 700

El Pea - 85 376 XT (Germany) (UK IDLP-1) (2 LP)

Island People - (NL) 86 757 XAT

Snacks - French 2LP 6441 106



Kuckuck - 2433001



Me And The Devil - LBL 83190

Gasoline - LBS 83252

Steps - LBS 83 315 X

Gutbucket - LBS 83 258 X

Son Of Gutbucket - LBX 4

Electric Monster Rock Show - LBS 83 423 X (2 LP)

Electric Rock - 92 636 (2 LP, SR International)

Electric Rock '71 - LBS 83 491 X (2 LP)

Progressive German Pop Experience - LBS 83 453 X

Progressive German Pop Experience Vol. II - UAS 29 342 I (UA)

Electric Underground - SLS 50 191 Z (SUNSET)

Underground - MINIT LMS 83 196 H

Dirt Blues - MINIT MLL 40005

Changes - C 61 317 A (SR International)



Power Blues - PS 579



With Love, A Pot Of Flowers - S/6100



100° Proof - 643314

The Marmalade Record Co. Show "Olympia 68" - 658085



A Psychedelic Trip To The Underground - 88 436 DY

That's Blues-Rock - 141 100 PMY

Dimension Of Miracles - 6830 055 (2 LP)

Electric Food - 134 563 MFY

Zig-Zag Festival - SRD-2-29



The Swingin' Set - MGM-C-8012

Outlaw Riders -  I SE-26 ST mainly represented SIMON STOKES & THE NIGHTHAWKS



Starters - MDLS.20 (aka: Earthed)

Promotion copy Middle Earth EP MDE.201 - feat. Writing On The Wall, Wooden O. and Arcadium



For Collectors Only...



Under Party Ground...band project that led to the only LP of the band MAMMUT (released on the same label)






Ohrenschmaus - OMM 2/56.006 (2 LP)

Mitten Ins Ohr - OMM 2/56.018 (2 LP)

Kosmische Musik  - OMM 2/56.027 (2LP)



A four track flexi disc with tracks of the first four acts from this label



Krautrock - 9299 949 (2 LP)



Heavy Mix - SPC-3324



Rapunzel - 209116-2

Heavy Christmas - 15 211114-2



How Pink Is That Elephant Overthere? - PE 888.002 Y

How Pink Are Those Elephants Overthere...? - PE 888 003

Never Marry A Pink Elephant! - PE 888 004 H

Pink Elephant - PE 888 008 H

Pink Elephant - PE 888 010 H

Pink Elephant - PE 888 011-H



Beat Club '67 - 249 167

Beat Club '68 - 249 187

Beat Club (Potpourri) - 249 257

Underground - 184 190 (2 LP)

Bombers - 2483-007 (2 LP)

Deep Overground Pop - 583068 (2 LP)

Polydor Sample Bag - 2675 024 (2 LP)

Supergroups '70 - 2821 010

Supergroups, Vol. II - 2480 006

Supergroups, Vol. III - 2480 018

Hits Made By Supergroups - 2821 002

Attention '71/'72 - 2371 226

Dansk Arbejde - 2444 004

Dansk Arbejde 2 - 2444 006

Rare Tracks - 2482274

Pop Sound 70 - 2482 001

Love And Peace Festival - Polydor Box Set 2675023 (3 LP) ...the single LP's are showing 2488 038, 2488 029 and 2488 040

Sounds '71 - 2488 020

pot-ent - 2482 027

Blues News - 109 577

Deutsch Rock - 2437 170 (2 LP)

and the TIN BOX releases (3LPs each):

PARTY-TIME - 2675 003


ELECTRIC BLUES - 109 597/599 (Chess Records TWEN)



Handle With Care - SPSS 1Spirit Of Rock - 1 C 048-93-93 923



Purple People - 1 C 048-94 921



Fifth Pipe Dream Volume 1 - S7-11680



Freakout U.S.A. - T-5901

Psych-Out - ST-5913



Tom's Touch - LSSH 1501

Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls - SSL. 10311



Naked Angels - STS 1056



Underground - ST-5168

Riot On Sunset Strip - T-5065



Aniseed Allsorts - 2409 205

Peppermint Allsorts - 2409 206

Coconut Allsorts - 2409 207

The House That Track Built - 613016



Here We Go 'Round The Mulberry Bush - UAS 5175All Good Clean Fun - UDX 201 - UDX 202 (2LP)



The New Sound - Underground - ZS 10161



West Coast Love-In - SLP 113

San Francisco Roots - SLP-119



Heads Together First Round - 6360 045

Vertigo Annual 1970 - 6499 407 and  6499 408, as a set 6657 001 (2 LP)

The Vertigo Trip - 6499 025 andd 6499 026, as a set 6641 016 (2 LP)

Suck It And See - 6499 447 (1 LP)

Suck It And See - 6499 386 and 6499 387, as a set 6641 116 (2 LP)

Vertigo - Classics & Rarities - 846 522-1

Superheavy Vol. 1 - 6360061

Superheavy Vol. II - 6360078

Superheavy Vol. III - 6300900 (...yes Vol. III, it's stated wrong on the label)



"V" - 88 586 XT (2 LP)

Dead On Arrival - VD 2508 (2 LP, LP's are glowing in the dark)



Progressive Music - CDMDINT 9785

Rock'n Roll Music - LDVS 17198/1 u 2 (2LP, two different colors)

Swamp Blues - LDVS 17258 (2LP)



Superstar's Of The 70's - SP 4000 (4 LP from 1973)

Fruity - WB 26 005 (nice round cover)



CTV's After Four - YVM 33003


more to come.....???


Some kind of eccentric vinyl pressings ;-)

The Label (SOFA) - misprinted, as it should mean (SOFAR) - TLR LP 002S

Vinyl is transparent, in parts reflecting and it is glowing in the dark...a beauty...

....above mentioned Virgin sampler is glowing in the dark as well...


True Colours from Split Enz on Mushroom L 42001 is probably the first laser-etched graphic record. Both sides have these effects, both sides are playable. Band is from NZ, LP only variation from OZ (1979).


One of the first modern picture LPs: Saturnalia -Magical Love - Matrix Trix1 with an so called 3-D Lenticular Art Hologram Center on both sides. A real pleasure to look at:


A rare version of a two sided FLEXI (or EVA-TONE Soundsheet) with a self unfolding cube as a gadget:
THE MAGIC CUBE, Cat No 106811A&BX...playable only on top of another LP...

...also used as advertising material for new publications:


That's one for a laugh: Monty Python's "Matching Tie And Handkerchief" (UK: CAS 1080, US: AL 4039 from 1973). A one but three-sided record set mastered with two concentric grooves on side two, so that different material would be played depending on where the needle was put down on the record's surface. Side one:Side two:


Another example of a three-sided LP: Johnny Winter - Second Winter from 1969 (US: KCS 9947, JW 1). It is in fact a two record set with the last side having no groove, as on this US version......while the 1969 German version (CBS 66 231) has two playable but empty tracks!


A single with different running speed on both sides from 1974 (and great hard psych b.t.w.):...45 rpm as usual and 33 1/3 rpm on side two...


Here is another strange LP: Megadeth's Sweating Bullets on Capitol, 12 CL 682 from 1992. Not only on blue vinyl, but has to be played "backwards". Cover is reading: "Paranoid pressing on blue vinyl, WARNING: Do not attempt to play this record in the conventional manner! Both sides reverse play, from the inside groove outwards." - It works, and it's funny to look at.....runout groove on the outside...


...and one example of a very extravagant packing of a LP:

Ten years before Alice Cooper came along with his paper panties on "School's Out" there was this hot packing around, making Alice's cover looking like an old hat......a real "G" string was added to the LP. It's from the artist Bob Freedman And Orchstra and it is called: Music To Strip By. (The name is the game). It was released around 1962/63 in the UK on Surprise Records, which had the mother label Island Records. The "typical" rough textured label on heavy vinyl and the thick flipback cardboard cover are showing the Island Records related catalouge number ILP 1001 ...


Always on the hunt for more....